Water Solubles

What is I.O 19?
  • I.O 19 is proprietorship composition containing strongest organic mineral acids in a proper buffer system.
  • I.O 19 is for acidifying feed and water as well as maintaining osmolyte balance of intestine.
Advantage of Using I.O.19 in Feed and Water
  • Since it is a combination of low pka value in organic salts hence the inclusion is less as compared to organic acids for reducing the ph of feed or water
  • It is the only combination which can be added to feed or water since it is 100% water soluble which reduces the water ph for normal acidification or chlorine enhancement with no bitterness in taste.
  • It is a combination which is FDA approved & GRAS
  • It reduces ph of gut while enhancing enzyme activity with improved weight gain and feed conversion as well as reduces ammonia flux in litter.
  • It provides 19% - Sodium; 24% - Sulphates; 36% - Nascent Oxygen - so it able to replace partofSaltor Sodium bicarbonate.
  Dose PH reduction
Feed 1 to 2.5 Kg/ MT of feed For every 1 Kg addition – PH reduced by 0.3
Water For PH reduction: 0.5 to 1 gm/ 1 liter of water 

Pipeline Cleaning : 2.5 gm/ 1 liter of water
For every 0.5 gm addition – PH reduced by 0.5 to 0.7

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