Feed and Premixes Overview

We are India's first customized concentrate premix manufacturers. Our brand name is Sahs Feeds

Our strength in this segment are:

  • Proper nutritional support according to geographical area, raw material, climate and other conditions.
  • Customized concentrate formulation
  • Customized packing according to customer's batch size
  • Unique packing contains Organic, Inorganic, Hygroscopic and Carbon Packing. This individual packing preserves the individual feed additive action.
  • Follow up technical services

Poultry Feed Ingredients:

There is gap in guiding customer for usage of alternate feed ingredients for reducing the production cost along with gap in supplies of these products.
SAHS guides and make available of these products to customers.

We deal with

  • Rice DDGS
  • Rice Gluten
  • Other newer protein ingredients

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