Poultry Feed

Poultry feed refers to the food, concentrates, premixes, additives and chemicals used in the commercial farming of chickens, ducks, geese, turkey, quails and other birds. Generally a feed is prepared by mixing nutritional supplements in the grains to maintain the health of poultry and quality of their meat and eggs. It comes in several forms such as Mash, Pellets, Crumbles and Scratch grain to provide best food to broilers, layers, baby chicks and hatchlings.

Different forms of poultry feed: Crumble, Mash, Pellet, Scratch Grain

SAHS Lifesciences is one of the largest manufacturers of premium quality chicken feed in India. We are a trusted provider of all kind of poultry feeds developed by our agricultural scientists after a lot of research and experimentation done on animal diets. Our manufacturing units are well equipped with latest feed milling technology and world’s finest equipment. Rigorous quality checks are performed during the procurement process of raw materials that are used in the manufacturing of broiler feed. We take extreme care of hygiene, cleanliness and dryness of raw material and finished products to prevent contamination and to save your birds from infections. To maintain quality of our poultry products, we have a lab in every plant with state of the art testing facilities, every packet go through several tests to ensure the nutritional value we promise.

We have been awarded ISO 22000:2005 certificate by International Organization for Standardization for following strict food quality control measures at all the stages of production. We suggest you to never choose a cheap poultry feed supplier as the food may have contamination in the form of bacteria, fungus, toxins and other viruses.

Feed mills and premix plants of SAHS are located in Hyderabad, Pune and Greater Noida.

Feed Nutrition

A healthy broiler chicken or any other bird requires a certain amount of protein, vitamin, carbohydrate and minerals (calcium, phosphorus etc.) in their daily diet. Feed quantity and nutrition value depends on many factors such as weather, age, weight, body growth rate and egg production rate. Therefore we have created different feed formulations for better health and proper poultry nutrition.

Feed and Concentrates We Offer

Broiler Prestarter, Starter and Finisher Feed
Broiler Concentrate 5%. 7.5%, 10%, 35%
Breeder Broiler Mash
Layer Feed for Egg Laying Birds
Layer Concentrate
Breeder Layer Mash
Chick Crumble
Grower Concentrate

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